Remind Me Again How It’s All Going To Pan Out

Rob Hayes playwright

– Wait. So just…

– So it’s expanding.

– Outwards?

– Well yeah. That’s…

– How much?

– A lot.

– How fast?

– Like, millions of miles an hour.

– But…wait. We’re not… we haven’t–

– We don’t feel it cos we’re so insignificant compared to the whole big…

– Cos I was gonna say. We’re not expanding.

– No cos we’re a speck. But if you imagine an explosion. With all the debris flying through the air.

– So if it’s an explosion what happens when it, y’know…

– Stops exploding?

– Yeah.

– Well then it starts shrinking.

– Shrinking?

– Uh huh.

– That makes no sense.

– Well no it’s to do with…you know what, it doesn’t matter.

– You don’t need to patronise me.

– No. To be honest I don’t really know myself. Or I can’t really explain it.

– So it shrinks and then what.

– It shrinks back to a point. Like a little dot.

– Where does everything go?

– Into the dot.

– The whole–

– Yep. Whole thing. It’s a dot of infinite mass and infinite, like, tininess.

– Everything always has to be so epic doesn’t it. Wait, so what happens to us?

– We’ll be dead.

– You and me?

– Everyone. The human race. Whatever other races are out there.

– What races?

– No I don’t know. I just mean, y’know, if there are any.

– We’ll all be dead.

– This is millions of years away. Like, millions and millions. Before that the sun will implode and destroy the Earth.

– That sounds scary.

– Yeah. It won’t be for us though. We’ll all be long gone.